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Maddox Club, a private members’ club in the heart of Mayfair which to party since 2007. The Mayfair Club has cemented its reputation as one of the best clubs within the London nightlife scene, consistently creating an exciting and lavish atmosphere ensuring members receive the highest service each and every visit This is for those lovers who loves to draw themselves into a world where revelry and opulence combine. Guests who reserve a table will receive an extensive list of premium spirits and champagne to carry the night through. This is an entertainment venue and bar that usually operates late into the night. This is generally distinguished from regular bars, pubs or taverns by the inclusion of a stage for live music, one or more dance floor areas and a DJ booth, where a DJ plays recorded music. The Maddox Club, as one of the London’s best clubs, operates a strict ‘member’s only’ policy and which has successfully blended a DJ booth in a top restaurant. Residents DJ Aik & DJ Klipsters open your weekend on Maddox's famed dance floor. The music that these DJs pump out is absolutely top notch and will provide the fantastic soundtrack to your dining experience. Once you have finished eating you can head to the dance floor where some of the top DJs from around the globe are blasting out some top tunes. A cult favourite for Celebrities in Maddox, dance to the great music this club brings. There are often different lines for invited guests, etc. Ladies may or may not have to pay and can even be invited to drink for free. It’s usually free or discounted for girls sometimes comes with extra perks on certain nights. Get Guest List and Table booking quotes for MADDOX in the Clubbable app! The Maddox club designed for a high-end crowd, which has all the ingredients for success, a trendy restaurant, luxurious club, sociable outside area and much more, which allows its elite members space to socialise with their valuable guests. Their main service is to offer reliable guest list and table booking. The club promoters are highly skilled in various methods of marketing and promotion, press releases who are able to handle the pressure of creating a buzz with marketing materials as quickly and as timely as possible. They follow through by showing up at the every event they promote. One of the most popular night clubs in London, the Maddox, attracts a wide variety of people from all around the world. From A-listers to supermodels, local artists to Hollywood icons, or business tycoons to sport stars. You can see our top Maddox Celebrities here; • Amy Winehouse is spotted together with her friends decking the Maddox dance floors one night in 2016. She was seen thoroughly enjoying herself as she partied with the best of Maddox music. • Paris Hilton, the renowned hotel heiress is frequented the clubs with her closest buddies. Seen here in the picture, she was snapped as she and her friends hit the dance floor. • The Hollywood power couple of music Queen B and her husband Jay Z is captured as they leave the club premises. They are regulars of the club and they always know how to have a one of a kind party. • Singer-songwriter Gwyneth Paltrow is also a regular of the club, and she graces Maddox in truly spectacular fashion. • Cesc Fabregas, a football superstar, is also snapped as he leaves a night of party in one of the top nightclubs in London. Maddox definitely is a prime choice for those looking to party with the celebrities. • Farrel Williams and buddy Jay Z once threw in a party here at Maddox. They definitely looked like they had fun. • Royalties also knows how to party as shown by Prince Harry caught by the lenses as he leaves the club premises one night. The Maddox Club is available for exclusive hire. Their most special categories are Club Restaurant, Private events, Green room, Undercurrent.



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