07 Sep 2017

Bar Staff

Several of the high end venues we have listed are currently looking for new bar staff.

Considering the VIP nature of these nightclubs it is important that appearances are on top.

Submit your CV with photos.
14 Aug 2017

Junior C# developer

Job description
Roles and Responsibilities: If you’re looking to work in a truly unique field which requires a working with C#, this is the role for you. Get up to speed with our existing software, look at where we are, where we want to be and help get us there!
You would be working for Clubbable Ltd which have developed a hi-tech app for VIP nightlife. It is like a marketplace for going out where people put together their chat groups for going out a particular day. All promoters and club managers in the city then get notified and send tailored offers of free entry, free drinks, free dinners, taxi etc. Upon accepting one offer the users then chats with the promoter to arrange all the details.
The app has been live in London since September and already have some traction.
Future areas of development include a transaction/money system, ticketing, memberships etc.
Your responsibilities:
● Maintain, improve and automate our software services
● Work as a team to solve complex problems
● Research and innovate new solutions we are agile in our approach and encourage & reward innovation, especially things that will automate and scale the business.
We’re also passionate technologists and dedicate time weekly to share knowledge, we have just as much to learn from you as you do from us.
The team is highly skilled and will provide excellent mentorship
Person requirements
Prerequisites & Key Skills:
● Currently enrolled on or finished a computer science or similar computing course
● Good knowledge of C#
● Aware of OOP principles
● Knowledge of best practices and writing clean, structured, documented code
● Some knowledge of HTML
As a person you should have a can-do-attitude and be eager to find solutions to problems online.
● A bonus if you know some Xamarin.Forms which is used for building the app.
07 Jul 2017

Clubbable Brand Ambassador

Are you a model, blogger or instagrammer? You have the chance to become a Clubbable Ambassador!

* Represent the Clubbable luxury brand
* Get paid for promoting our brand & app on your social channels and IRL
* Increase your following by being featured on Clubbable social media channels
* Have the best nights out VIP clubbing
* Appear on Clubbable private events & launch parties

We are looking for a few selected influencers to represent our brand as Clubbable Ambassadors. As a Clubbable Ambassador you would represent our brand and promote the app to get new users. The promoting of Clubbable can be managed on your social media channels like Instagram, Facebook or you blog, as well as IRL and to your friends. The promotion is to get people in London to get the app and go out with. It is here we can generate money from that which we would share with you.

To be considered as a Clubbable Ambassador you will need to be based in London or at the riviera with a quite large network and interest in the VIP lifestyle, as well as a big following on you social media channels.

If You are #clubbable and interested in becoming a Clubbable Ambassador, pop us a email at mikaela@clubbable.com
15 Jun 2017

Experienced VIP nightclub promoters

You should already be a established promoter and have your own connections and good reputation.
You can continue to work independently as you currently do or work for us.

Please apply for a promoter license with what clubs you are hosting at what day and what your average list looks like.

Working as a promoter through Clubbable will give you access to many new partygoers actively looking to go out.
24 May 2017

Video production junior

We are seeking a talented Videographer / Video production intern to help us produce promotional videos.

We have an extensive roadmap of what needs to be created.

The role involves shooting footage in high-end London nightclubs to capture the essence of what it means to be 'Clubbable' and/or using stock footage at your preference

As a bonus you will be given the VIP treatment during your work at the clubs with free drinks provided.

This will be a fun role and when we are the number one app for going out to VIP nightclubs your work will be a great addition to your portfolio!

Please provide a CV and link to any previous portfolio work to be considered.
18 Apr 2017

Personal Assistant

The CEO is looking for a driven personal assistant who is organised and keen to learn.

You will be doing a wide range of tasks such as organising events, online research, social media, PR, ordering things, some testing of app/website and anything else that would come up.

No previous experience required but a strong grasp of social media (mainly FaceBook and Instagram) is a plus.
You will also need to be able to write in correct English.

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn and start a career that can go far.

19 Jan 2017

PR Junior and Executive Assistant

We need someone enthusiastic and willing to learn to manage our social pages and PR campaigns.

In this role you will be doing many different exciting things like arranging events, research, data entry, accounting, testing of app and web site, booking/ordering things.

Previous experience appreciated but not essential but you need to be an excellent communicator.

We will show you the ropes but you will also get opportunities to learn on your own.

Parts of the work can be carried out remotely.

Own ideas and initiatives will be appreciated and encouraged.

This is a role you can really grow in.

15 Dec 2016

Senior Xamarin Forms developer

We are looking for a highly skilled Xamarin.Forms developer to join our awesome team and work alongside some of the best developers around.

We are using all the latest tech and this is an exciting project built with an outstanding architecture. We are looking for an expert in C# with about 10 years experience and solid knowledge of MVVM and some experience using Xamarin.Forms.
29 Nov 2016

Tester No previous experience required

Part remote work from home.

If you know your way around a smartphone and is somewhat organised you can do this job.

As a tester you typically do 2 things:
1. Check that what developers say they have done is done and it works.
2. Click around the app and try to break it.

There are however a million other things that you can get to do as well if interested.

You work according to a specified process but there is room to grow this role into project management if you are good and can take initiative and responsibility.