20 Jun 2017


Fancy a cool Clubbable snapback? During the launch party in Cannes during the film festival the snapbacks were in high demand and people were bidding high for them. Now there are 3 ways for you to be lucky enough to get your hands on one. You can share this or some other photo and make sure to tag it with @clubbableapp and #WinClubbableSnapback on either Facebook or Instagram and you can win one. If you manage to get 3 friends to get the app and successfully go out you will get one for sure. Just send us their names in the feedback form in the app when they have gone out. You can also buy one for £25 including shipping within the UK. Just message on the website or in the app. If you tag a photo with @clubbableapp where you are wearing one of these snapbacks we will feature you on our Instagram.
16 Jun 2017

Promoter License

If you are a well established nightclub promoter who has good connections with the clubs you work with we can award you a promoter license. This allows you to switch the app over to promoter mode where you can see what groups want to go out. You can view the profiles of the people in the group, what clubs they are interested in going to and if they want guest list or VIP table booking. After reviewing the group you can choose to send them a tailored offer of either guest list or a table quote and what is included. The group organiser will get notified instantly and can review your offer. If they choose your offer a chat channel will be opened and you can chat directly to the group organiser. In the chat you as a promoter will provide the instructions of where to go, what to wear, how to get in and when to meet etc. To get a free promoter license simply download the app and click "Apply for promoter license" in the menu and Clubbable will get back to you.
02 Jun 2017

Join VIP Table

We are super excited to announce a new super cool feature which makes nightclubbing in style a lot more fun! It is a new type of offer you can get in the Clubbable app called "Join VIP Table". If you have created a guest list group for going out you can now also get offers from people who have booked a VIP table for the same day as well as from promoters and club manages like before. When you get an invite to join a VIP table group you can click on it to view photos of the people in that group of friends. If you find them #clubbable enough and you accept their offer, you can then chat to them and agree on time and place to meet before the club or if you just say a booking name at the door. Not only does this remove all the waiting and trouble to get in early but you will also be drinking premium drinks at the VIP table with some new friends. This is how to go out in style! If booking your own VIP table at a nightclub is your style then do so in the app by picking a day, select Request Table Quotes and inviting your friends. You will straight away be getting tailored table quotes to all of the high end nightclubs in town and you can see all the guest list groups who have not yet accepted any of the offers they have received. When entertaining clubbable guest list groups you are responsible for getting them in and being on your best behaviour since they will rate you afterwards. A good rating is key for getting your offers to join accepted in the future so you have to be on your best behaviour. No doubt this new way of going out will radically improve VIP nightlife forever, as promised.. Have some really good times clubbing the new #clubbable way!
18 May 2017

Clubbable launch at Cannes Film Festival

The 70th Cannes Film Festival has now started! The Clubbable team couldn't be more excited! After almost a year of success in London, Clubbable is hosting an extravagant launch party to show what our brand is really about. An app that helps users discover high-end night life, Clubbable found the perfect opportunity to show Cannes, France, what it means to have a good time. Boasting special guests, models, famous celebrities, and champagne, this launch party is on everyone's list! The launch party will be held during the Cannes film festival on the 19th of May at our private luxury beach club at prime location on Boulevard la Croisette with a very exclusive guest list. The launch party will be held between 12pm and 6pm at La Gold Plage beach club, branded and run by luxury jewellery brand De Grisogono. This event is for selected guest only - actors, models, influencers, bloggers, celebrities and spenders. It will be a luxurious and exclusive event with music, performances and mingling. The star chef is from Coya Restaurant, so the menu will be amazing! Are You one of us - are You Clubbable? The event will have an exclusive guestlist and restrictive door policy. All VIP clubs will be listed in the Clubbable app. By requesting guest list to events/clubs, you are able to receive exclusive offers for your night out - like pre-drink, free entrance, free drinks, etc. Table bookings are also done using the app. During the Film Festival, the clubbing scene is a bit different. Because of the high attendance pressure at the clubs and events during the festival, guest list requests acceptances are very rare. All exclusive celebrity parties during the Film Festival will be listed in the Clubbable app - but have in mind that these events are very exclusive and with expensive tickets - guestlist requests can be done using the app, although, it's extremely rare to be accepted to guestlist for these events. You can buy your way into the celebrity parties, but the tickets are extremely expensive - usually around several of thousands of euros each. A few luckily have actually been offered through the Clubbable app to join Leonardo DiCaprio's Yacht Party - yet tickets are still required. I.e you will have to be VIP to even be able to buy tickets. Clubbable brand is bringing the luxury to You! Join the fun and celebrate our launch in Cannes on Friday the 19th! Apply for guest list or table booking for the amazing lunch through the app, our different forums (Facebook, Instagram) or email to PR mikaela@clubbable.com.
02 May 2017

Cannes Film Festival

Date confirmed for the Cannes film festival launch party: 19th of May. Its a beach club party from noon to 6pm. The film festival in Cannes every year attracts the worlds elite, celebrities and jet sets for almost two weeks of extravagance and parties. We are extremely proud to announce that Clubbable is expanding to also offer access to the best parties in Cannes after proving that the app really works in London. This will be celebrated with a exclusive launch party at a private beach club at prime location on the Boulevard du Croisette in Cannes during the film festival.. There will be special guests, famous performers, DJs, celebrities, models, photographers and of course lots of Champagne. The event is listed in the app so apply for a table quote or guest list there. Apart from the main event there will be black tie parties, beach parties, club nights, yacht parties and some of the most sought after private events and much more. Accommodation in Cannes during the film festival is always very difficult and expensive. Clubbable will have some flats and a villa with some rooms available. If you want to stay at our flats/vila message Clubbable on FaceBook as soon as possible and we will get back to you with availability.
06 Apr 2017

Meaning of Clubbable

The old definition according to the Oxford dictionary is "suitable for membership of a club because of one's sociability or popularity". Nowadays the term is more often used to describe the suitable clientele of a VIP nightclub with is so much more than simply based on looks.
07 Jan 2017

Guest List or Table Booking

Groups with a majority of male guests are unlikely to get offers of guest list and are advised to request a table booking. It is hard being a man sometimes... When you request a table booking you will receive quotes of the minimum spend for tables at different clubs. Women are of course more than welcome to splash out on a VIP table as well.
23 Nov 2016

Stay tuned

Thank you all for all the constructive feedback we have been given! Also thanks for being patient while we have been sorting the bumps in the early versions. A few minor things to go but even so we are super excited about every one of our users that have gone out through the app by putting together their group and getting offers from lots of different promoters. Stay tuned for many more exciting features we are adding that we can guarantee you will love. Seriously, going out VIP is really about to improve..