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Raffles has a long and vibrant history by the name of colonial Mughal, “Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles”. It was founded in 1967, as an established restaurant capable of bringing Steak Home to London’s, when his Kings Road position was the puzzling ground of Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton and Vivienne Westwood. Raffles Club is a private club, which is located on Kings Road, Chelsea. Raffles has now developed new ownership and brand to continue with the time, so if you find yourself in the Chelsea area, then the Raffles definitely has a price. A dark door existing in Chelsea King Road has secreted Raffles, Chelsea as the most prestigious private club in London. Raffles nightclub offers an intelligent and intimate clubbing experience. You will not find a friendlier staff than Raffles Chelsea. Moreover, VIP service continues with the Raffles table bookings, if you book a table on two floors. Bar at Raffles is available from a variety of exclusive cocktails to skilled mixologists. The London Hotspot category is famous for attracting crowds, which London has to offer, so expect to see models & celebrities when you visit. You can see many celebrities there, spotted leaving for Raffles nightclub London. Kate Middleton & Prince Williams were spotted leaving Raffles Members Club where the couple partied the night. Casey Bachelor spotted leaving Raffles Club in Chelsea London. Lucy Mecklenburg leaves the Raffles Club after attending the Kazan 348 Launch party in December 2014.
 You should not consider Raffles nightclub just as a club because it is in the scene for a long time, but as an institution that everyone should experience once in his lifetime. At first, an outfit can be quite bold, but the reversing lights will spell dancers with vibrant colours. Recently, the re-entry portal has sold a book with hundreds of copies of "Who’s Who" to show the history of the Raffles Club.
Raffles’ Chelsea nightclub is a private member club. If the concept of a VIP night is partying out with the elite of London, Raffles Chelsea is just for you. Do not hesitate to contact the Raffles for guest list bookings and table reservations. They make sure that your night becomes a success. Raffles Club does not allow any kind of photography on the premises. Non-member is allowed in the club as a guest of only one existing member. If you are planning to host a birthday party, corporate event, launch party, fashion show or you just want an excuse to gather friends and family, colleagues in a room or party, their event team are there to guide you through each step of the process. Raffles is open Tuesday to Saturday from 10.30 pm until late.
Raffles London club has all the features of a selective members club. Therefore, dress to impress. Elegant outfit for women and high heels is necessary. Raffles London Dress is attractive and trendy in women’s heels for women while Gents need to be smart and wear perfect smart casual shoes. The club management reserves the right to refuse entry if requirements not matched.



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10:30 PM - 03:30 AM


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10:30 PM - 04:30 AM


10:30 PM - 04:30 AM


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