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Sumosan Twiga

The Sumosan Twiga London nightclub was launched in November 2016.Set across three floors, the venue offers a contemporary restaurant, a large Mixology focused bar and an independent late night lounge. Located at 164-165 Sloane Street, London Sumosan cuisine won the award for having an exclusive menu of classic Italian dishes. Critics of the acclaimed contemporary Japanese restaurant Sumosan Twiga won the Multi Award. Sumosan has recently completed a move from Mayfair to Belgravia. After adding a mysterious new suffix, it took over a three-floor property on the boutique-laden Sloane Street. Already Moscow and Monte Carlo both had a significant dining name, so the new initiative at the Sumosan Twiga Sloane Street insisted on cooperation between both Italian and Japanese dining. Set on three floors with a lounge and boot bar, Guests can enjoy the Italian menu, Ferdinando Palomba, and Konstantin Tskhay on Japanese dishes. A second-floor bar is a good place for a drinks reception, while the restaurant highlights the latest diversified range of Italian design as well as the kitchen. To drink, there is a Euro wine list and one of London’s best saké selections. Set across three floors, Sumosan Twiga offers an individual lounge, bar and restaurant along with quintessential Italian cuisine serving the famous Japanese menu of bars. The late-nightclub is also available for Private Hire. Tasting Menu is available there, which serves favourites and new creations from Sumosan together with eternal Italian classic plates by Schiavo. In addition, Sumosan Twiga offers a folly Meta listing and a comprehensive selection of Japanese whisky. The wider wine list is the best thing to be offered there. Twiga Late Night Lounge was created for Billionaire Lifestyle’s chic international client. Reservations in Sumosan Twiga law; Fashionable Slough's streets and some new areas turn the heads of social elites to the area. In addition, a cluster of reception rooms is well suited and a glamourous Georgian stairwell on the pulse locals, walking from the first-floor dining room and second-floor bar is added to attract customers. The two rooms are essentially the same style - relaxed, well polished but rather anonymous. The main difference is the white colour palette of the dining room and the dark coloured upstairs. Their underground lounge regularly hosts top international DJs, artists and musicians and is home to their private event’s schedule. Guests are encouraged to keep their dancing shoes in the dining room after dinner, and the band is more for chewing the fat over business deals with a Negroni. Sumosan is a fine dining, glamorous, posh and romantic restaurant. Anyone who visits the original restaurant will notice that sushi platter is required to eat. It has a variety of Japanese and spacious Italian cuisine in lounge, bar and restaurant and is suitable for vegetarian food too. With its new nightclub, Sumosan looks like one of the hottest openings in the area for years to come. Sometimes you may face resident or international celebrities there. It is open for any occasion such as Mother's Day, New Year's Eve etc.



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