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Tonteria, London is a Mad Mexican Presses Bar, a Square Salon and a Tequila Nightspot. Tonteria is famous for its fun sharing cocktails i.e. "Maya Pyramid", "Lucky Luchador" and "Tequila Slammer", which are inspired by Mexico's heritage and culture. As the lights dim, Tonteria turns into a fun nightspot for Sloane Rangers and other well-heeled Londoners. The venue is located outside the tube station, hence it is easy to find. After entering, you think you are into hacienda in the heart of Jalisco, Mexico with a train of ceiling that distributes the tequila shot on your table. The club has an incredibly creative addition bar menu with one of the best tequila selections in the world. Tonteria has a tradition to perform and show. Therefore, face-to-face wrestlers fight inside and outside the club for entertaining guests. Tonteria is currently offering Guy Pelly, Marc Burton of Mahiki and Whisky Mist. Expect a broad tapas dish and a comprehensive cocktail selection served in all the amazing environments once you visit there. Tonteria is famous for the love of sharing, so some of the famous share cocktails inspired by Mexico are seen. From 05:30 until 10:30 pm, guests can safely enjoy tapas dishes and delicious tequila cocktails in the relaxing booths. From 10:00 pm onwards, the ambience built up as the resident DJ turns up the music and Tonteria turns into a club. During the early evening, Tonteria specialises in offering mouth-watering bite-sized Mexican tapas with a delicious tequila cocktail. The emphasise is on theatrical entertainment. Look out for the Tonteria performers and the Toy Train that delivers drinks to your table. As soon as the evening goes, DJ pumps the rapid music turning the lights dim and Tonteria becomes a festival nightspot. If you want to dance at night, stay in your seat because in the evening you can listen to the songs, the DJ will increase the fun level and the Tonteria guest list and the festival will be more fun and enjoyable in the night. Celebrities spotted at Tonteria Club, London includes Jessie J who certainly turned back after joining a Justin Timberlake in the Tonteria nightclub. Princess Eugenie and her boyfriend Jack Brooksbank are also spotted in Tonteria Club London. Prince William and Harry danced to internet hit the Harlem Shake that works throughout the weekend. The royal brothers drank cocktails, and Flash lave joked about the novelty toy that he celebrated at the exclusive Tonteria London Club. As a super exclusive club in Sloane square, Tonteria only allows guest list on Mondays and Thursdays. Therefore, they work regularly on every Monday and Thursday. They provide guest list and table booking services. They serve tequila-based cocktails. Their service in Tonteria always provides hosting tables with vodka-drinks. Tonteria is a perfect host of any brand and events in and around London. From brand launch to Christmas party and corporate events, Tonteria will surely be able to emphasise the expectations. Dress Code: • For the Ladies: If you go Tonteria, you have to look smart and sexy. Maxi, medium, mini dresses as long as they are chic, seductive and fashionable. Do not hold back on your rug length so no flat allowed. • For Gentlemen: A nice shirt with a smart dark jeans or trousers maybe a stylish coat. Do not forget the shoes because smart shoes are essential. Avoid sportswear at all costs.



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